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Friday, September 3, 2010

I'm a Dork!!!

   I'm a total DORK!!!  In my last post, I posted a photo that I thought had been accepted into the show, "Toyed With" at the Open Shutter Gallery.  I was looking at their website when I noticed that not only had I posted the incorrect photo on my blog, I also mailed them the wrong image.  Good thing I had a standard frame and mat ready to go.  I also had to pay priority shipping rates to get the correct image there in time!
    I've posted one of the images that did get accepted.  The title is almost exactly the same as the image that didn't get accepted.  The image is titled..."Shadow Self Portrait at a Bike Race."  The self shadow is in the upper right corner and looks like it is a fence post.


  1. I love the contrast in this image and congrats on getting the image in!

  2. Congratulations, Carol! Wonderful creativity and beautiful b&w tones, too.